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Never-Leak Winterizing Fitting Never wonder again whether your pool winterizing plug works.  You can see and hear your pipes are sealed!  It “sings” once the water’s blown out!

Part Number:


Aqua Locks concrete staples (for concrete crack repair):  Part Number ALK-10 (All kits of 10 or 24 staples come with 2-part epoxy & templates).  Pins are threaded to grip concrete/epoxy.  Kits also available in 6 or 24 pack – ALK-6, ALK-24.

The BEST concrete staples PERIOD!  Each kit contains equal amounts of 2 different sized staples.



Resurfacing Return Extension:

  • When resurfacing a pool, simply thread into existing return fitting
  • Most 1 1/2″ LED lights fit
  • Full thread depth to allow vac ports and Polaris fittings to seat flush
  • Gives pool the traditional look customers expect
  • Also available:   GLUE-IN VERSION (fits 1 1/2″ & 1″ plumbing)

Part Numbers:
– RPE-1.5T  for White

– RPE-1.5G  for Grey

– RPE-1.5B for Black


Vinyl Liner Compliant Concrete Conversion Return Extension:

  • When converting a concrete pool to a vinyl liner, simply thread into existing return fitting (instead of cutting concrete!)
  • Converts in seconds!  Saves lots of time & money!
  • Also available:  Vinyl Liner Compliant Concrete Conversion Rope Anchors – VLCRA

Part Number:
– VLCR-1 



  • Repair leaks at the light cord
  • This white putty stays maleable and is able to be removed when needed.  Easily sticks to stainless steel and plastic.   It’s like a combo of the best of A&B epoxy and Butyl tape.
  • Easily dye tested after installation due to white color
  • Use 2 or 3 packages for most light cords

Part Number:
– FP-1 



Repair an underground leak in 15 seconds!

The Frankenplug Sr:

  • Use in 1022/1023/1408 return fittings
  • Repairs a leak less than 14″ into fitting
  • Length may be customized
  • Use with 1 1/2″ plumbing or ask about our 2″ conversion extension
  • Comes with a custom beauty ring “eyeball” cap
  • Also available for straight pipe

Part Numbers:
– RFS 14  for 1022/1023/1408 fittings
– RFS 14-S  for straight pipe

-RFS 02 for 2″ conversion extension
(click image for more info)



The Frankenplug:


Part Numbers:
– RFS 04  for 1022/1023/1408 fittings
– RFS 04-S  for straight pipe

-RFS 03 for 3″ Frankenplug Mini

-RFSP for Polaris Frankenplug
(click image for more info)


  • Use in 1022/1023/1408 return fittings
  • Repairs a leak less than 4″ into fitting
  • Comes with a custom beauty ring “eyeball” cap
  • Also available for straight pipe


Spa & Pool Fitting Sleeve “Franken-coozie”:  Repair cracked pool & spa jet body fittings instantly with the Fitting Sleeve “Franken-coozie”. Simply slide a Frankenplug Fitting Saver (Part # RFS 04) into a Fitting Sleeve (Part # SPA-S), sold separately, and insert into jet body fitting and tighten locking nut to seal the leak. Install custom face plate to complete the repair. The job is complete in seconds!  

 Part Number:

-SPA-S for Hayward SP1434 & Waterway 211-5830

(click image for more info)SPA SLEEVE Screenshot (22)


Spa Saver Kit:  Repair cracked spa jet body fittings.  We provide several nozzle sizes; simply choose the size that matches and glue the nozzle onto the threaded nipple or extended piping and complete instructions.  Install custom “eyeball” face plate to complete repair.  Length may be reduced or expanded with additional parts (not included).

Part Number:
– SPA-1 for Hayward SP1430, Waterway 1/4 turn, Waterway threaded jet bodies, CMP, Jacuzzi, Hydra Air and others for 1 1/2″ plumbing


(click image for more info)SPA SAVER INSTRUCTIONS Screenshot (20)


 Skimmer Saver 1 1/2″ & 2″:  Repairs cracked skimmer & main drain lines in seconds, with this insert.  Available for both 1 1/2″ & 2″ plumbing.  Simply apply silicone sealant to rubber washer, insert & tighten nut (the leak is now sealed!).

Part Numbers:

-SKS-1.5 for 1 1/2″ skimmer

-SKS-2 for 2″ skimmerlogo_anderson

The Frankenplug, Frankenplug Sr, Franken-coozie, Spa Saver Kit and the Skimmer Savers can be found at Anderson Manufacturing Company

 Universal Light Ring:  Part Numbers LAD-3 White, LAD-4 Silver

Reattach light with this 2-part ring; attaches in seconds!  No need to take the light apart or remove light fixture!  Unlike the Aladdin light ring, it fits in most niches.  Use when light won’t reattach to niche or use as a mud-ring when resurfacing.  Can extend a Sealed Beam Niche to receive a standard light fixture.  (OD:  13″ x 3″)



“Third Hand” Light Repair Clamp Tool:  Part Number LRT-1

How many Pool Guys does it take to change a light bulb?!  This aluminum light clamp will act as your “Third Hand” while you change a pool or spa light bulb.  No more will certain lights require 2 or 3 people!  Folds up nicely for storage.



Pop-up Head Extension (for resurfacing):  Part Numbers PUHE-1 White, PUHE-2 Grey, PUHE-3 Azure (Light Blue), PUHE-4 Dark Blue

Prepping a pool when resurfacing slowing you up?  Use our quick prep extensions for pop-up heads.  Simply attach with an adhesive, mud over and pull away top when done!  If your pop-up head is over-sized, simply peel away the inside section (see last photo of blue extension).



The Grid Wand: Part Number PROD 993

Save your back and make more money!  The Grid Wand is a telescopic hose attachment that cleans commercial pool filter grids in a fraction of the time.  The Wand has 2 dozen perforations which shoots high pressured water simultaneously and can reach places you never accessed before.  


The Grid Wand can be purchased at www.adjust-a-brush.com






Main Drain Adaptor: Part Numbers MDA-1 white, MDA-2 black, MDA-3 grey

Screws broken off in main drain? Cover won’t fit main drain? Any residential main drain cover fits regardless of screw pattern. Every Tech should have 2! Installs in as little as 1 minute including cover!
(Click Image For More Info & Video)




The Main Drain Adapter can be purchased at www.toolsforpools.com OR www.PoolPalUSA.com

Venturi Extension Overlay:

Before                                                        After

venturi without VEO   Venturi with VEO

Part Numbers:

www.toolsforpools.com     OR     www.PoolPalUSA.com
– VEO-1   for white                                              – VEO-W for white
– VEO-2  for tan                                                   – VEO-T for tan

The Venturi Extension Overlay (VEO) is used when installing thin pavers/coping where there is an existing Venturi.  The Venturi Overlay screws into the existing Venturi stem, extending the Venturi to the new deck level.  No more ugly, unfinished edges around the Venturis!

The Venturi Extension Overlay can be purchased at www.toolsforpools.com OR www.PoolPalUSA.com


36″ Commercial Shower Chain Repair Kit:

Most states require by code a shower chain for a commercial pool/beach shower.  This is the only place to buy a kit; the only other option is to buy the whole valve.  Problem solved, and a much cheaper option!
(Image to come)

The 36″ Commercial Shower Chain Repair Kit can be purchased at www.toolsforpools.com OR www.PoolPalUSA.com

Part Number:



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